F1 2013

F1 2013

The best F1 simulator for Mac

F1 2013 is the best Formula 1 simulator for Mac. F1 2013 for Mac is highly realistic, with excellent graphics and an outstanding playability. In this 2013, version you can even choose which era to race in from the 1980's up to the present day.

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  • Extraordinary technical features
  • Driving model very convincing
  • Many variations of the game
  • 100% simulation
  • New Scenario and Classics modes


  • Damage system could be improved
  • Classic cars difficult to drive
  • Well-known drivers from the 80s are missing
  • No world championship in Classics mode


F1 2013 is the best Formula 1 simulator for Mac. F1 2013 for Mac is highly realistic, with excellent graphics and an outstanding playability. In this 2013, version you can even choose which era to race in from the 1980's up to the present day.

Career, Scenario, and Classic modes

F1 2013 offers game modes to suit all tastes. Sprints, timed runs (time trial, time attack), local or online multiplayer mode (cooperative or competitive), the new Classics mode and the usual Career mode.

At the beginning of F1 2013 you can take the Young Driver Test, which introduces you to the world of F1 with tutorials that explain the importance of the different types of tyres, the use of KERS, DRS, and more. You have to demonstrate your skills and attract the attention of F1 teams that may want to sign you for the world championship.

In F1 2013's Career mode, you begin with a smaller team and you have to have one season to arouse the interest of the more renowned teams. You can then evaluate offers from other teams or decide to continue with the same team, trying to win bigger races. In Career mode, the ultimate goal is the same: to progress to become a world champion.

Career mode is long and challenging, but if you want to race a shorter season, you can opt for a shorter version with a 10-game championship season.

F1 2013 has official FIA licenses, so teams, drivers and circuits follow those from the actual world championship.

Another interesting variant of F1 2013 is Scenario mode. You'll have to deal with a large and varied set of challenges, with crucial stages in the career of a driver. You begin with rookies tests, then races within your team, challenges at world championship level, and finally races for those about to retire.

But the main novelty of F1 2013 is Classics mode, with cars and drivers that made history in the 80s. You'll find legends like Prost, Schumacher, Damon Hill, Fittipaldi, Nigel Mansell, Berger and Hakkinen, and legendary cars that made history in the decade, such as Lotus, Ferrari, and Williams.

Competing in races in Classics mode takes you on the historic circuits of Jerez and Brands Hatch, or the tracks of the 2013 season. Also keep in mind that with cars from the 80s, the driving model is completely different than with current race cars. It's an understandable choice: at that time, technology was limited and this is accurately reflected in F1 2013.

If Classics mode excites you, you can download the DLC cars and drivers of the 90s.

On the track

As for the F1 2013 gameplay, there are no major changes from the previous version. The controls are unchanged and the handling of the car is excellent.

Small improvements can be seen in the improved physics of trajectories, and artificial intelligence, which is well done and up to the task of getting a pole position.

Before you get on the track, the engineer can tune your car. You can choose features such as suspension, flaps, the braking distribution, tires, gear ratios, and more.

During the race, you'll receive guidance from the engineers in the pit. Find out the position of your direct rivals, your tire degradation, and other things that may affect your race strategy.

F1 2013 includes all championship rules. Therefore, during the race, you'll need to avoid infractions, jumping curves, or performing dangerous maneuvers, or you may incur penalties.

Game or reality?

The graphics in F1 2013 are top notch. The attention to detail is obsessive and the cars and circuits are reproduced perfectly.

We like the fluidity of the engine, which gives you a satisfying feeling of speed. F1 2013's light effects are excellent and the rain is very realistic.

The damage caused by collisions could be improved.

An excellent F1 simulator

F1 2012 had already demonstrated a complete and successful simulator. This new version doesn't revolutionize the game, but it refines and improves various aspects.

In particular, Codemasters has chosen to increase the variations of F1 2013, especially with the Scenario and Classics modes, the latter also able to modify the driving model giving the simulator size a more retro feel.

The driving model has been refined, and graphics, sound effects, physics, and gameplay are excellent. F1 2013 is the paradigm for the Formula 1 simulators, a must-have for any lover of the sport.

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F1 2013

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